This site was started to provide an avenue for those of us trying to stay committed to the Lord that are avoiding the new state established religion (Victimhood, Political Correctness, Intersectionality, Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Gender-Revolution and Wokeness). We want people to realize believers to be able to connect with others that elevate Christ above fads.

Historically, Christianity has bent the knee to cultural trends and paid the price. We see the church having a smaller and smaller role in the world and being subjugated by the government at every turn. We desire that those of us that agree with the entirety of Scripture to find one another and grow in Christ and do everything we can to correct the ship.


This site is under constant development but it is maintained by developers that have day jobs. We appreciate your effort to help us improve. If you have feedback feel free to email [email protected] but please be understanding that we are limited in our time as we are committing our time to our employers and doing this outside of work hours.